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Online Website Builder

With an online website builder, creating your own website takes less than an hour. No kidding.

Anybody who wishes to market online needs to have one thing: a website. A website serves as your permanent residence in the Internet. It’s where your prospects and leads can get more information about your business and eventually go through the sales funnel including being converted into a customer (e.g., they buy a product or subscribe to a service).

However, you often think about the difficulty of creating our own website. After all, you’re not a website designer. You’re not even creative.

These challenges are already a thing of the past. Today we already have online website builders, which, as their name suggests, allow you to create a complete website in a jiffy. Among them all, the best is Wix.

Why Wix?

Wix gives you plenty of creative freedom on how your website will look and feel like without compromising the quality of your site appearance and in the fastest time possible.

With Wix, you can:

  • Design a website according to your intended page. Are you a photographer or a musician? Would you like to build an events page? Or perhaps you want to set up a blog or showcase your portfolio? Whatever page you want to create, there are hundreds of templates that you can choose from.
  • Create a website that runs on mobile. There will come a time when there users will be searching more through mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets than laptops and even PCs. This means that you need to have your website mobile ready. With Wix, you can do that with extreme ease.
  • Edit your page anytime quickly and conveniently. With Wix, creating your pages will be very fast and convenient as you can use the Drag and Drop editor. This means fill out the boxes with the things you need, then change their locations or move them around until you can come up with the design that you’ll really like.
  • Sign up for free. You can use our existing e-mail address and social media accounts such as Facebook and Google. There’s no need to pay for registration.

In fact, Wix is completely for free! When you sign up, you get 500MB, Drag and Drop feature, unlimited templates, and more.

However, your business will grow, which means you will need more features and more bandwidth to be able to make your website look sophisticated and scale it. Thus, Wix gives you the option to upgrade by choosing any of its premium plans.

When you upgrade you can:

  • Enjoy unlimited bandwidth
  • Increase your storage to as much as 20GB
  • Accept online payments
  • Get access to hundreds of galleries, stock images, and videos
  • Create an online store
  • Be included in shoutouts in their regular newsletters to members
  • Sign up for a free domain for one whole year
  • Get Google AdWords vouchers

Wix prices differ, but if you want the best, pay only less than $20 a month and save 45 percent of its regular price.

So what are you waiting for? Build your website today using Wix online website builder.

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