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Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook advertising services are great for advertisers to connect with their target audiences. The fact that Facebook has one billion users worldwide makes this popular social media network the best platform to use for seizing all the opportunities online.

Facebook advertising allows your company to gain access to its more than a billion of active users thereby expanding your chances of exposing your ads to your target market. Why else advertise on Facebook?

Benefits of Facebook Advertising Services 

Facebook owns one of the world’s largest personal data repositories and it allows advertisers to tap on that information for promotional purposes. This being so, Facebook advertising is considered one of the best compared to other online advertising channels. The following are some of the benefits of advertising through Facebook:

  1. Cost effective. Advertising on Facebook costs only about 1% of the amount you will use if you opt for TV advertising. And yet, the ads on Facebook can reach the same number of people as when you advertise on TV.
  2. Facebook has information of its users giving advertisers the advantage of targeting their audience by segmenting them according to their age, gender, location, etc. If you notice, you will see ads related to your preferences directly on your newsfeed.
  3. Facebook ads look closely similar to the live status feeds. Therefore, there are greater chances that users click on the ads, land on your landing page and become customers.
  4. When users see their friends liking a specific post even an ad, they tend to “Like” it too. The amount of engagement on your posts and ads is equivalent to the number of clicks in a PPC marketing strategy but you pay the least in Facebook.

How Can Facebook Advertising Experts Help Your Site? 

Our Facebook advertising services include:

  1. Set up advertising campaigns using the Facebook page.
  2. Create ads and target specific demographics or segments.
  3. Refresh the ad creative regularly.
  4. Optimize use of budget for the ads and manage the bidding.
  5. Send daily traffic to the company’s website directly from Facebook.
  6. Invite people to “Like” your company’s Facebook page.
  7. Attract exposures for more “Likes”, “Shares” and active engagement.
  8. Send traffic to the company’s event signup page.

Whether you want us to handle the setup only or manage all aspects of your campaign from strategy to creation, management, reporting and optimization, we can make sure that your business reaches the right people for a small investment.

If you have a proven product and a leads conversion process, we will be happy to help you deliver targeted leads to your business using Facebook Ads. Else if you wish to get on board Facebook advertising but don’t know where to start, we can guide you on how to leverage Facebook’s targeting capabilities to reach your customers and prospects. Book a free consultation with us today to get valuable advice on Facebook advertising services!

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